Welcome Message

Dear colleagues,

We are confident that the Korean Laparoendoscopic Gastrointestinal Surgery Study (KLASS) group that has played a pivotal role in laparoendoscopic technique and research in gastrointestinal surgery since it was launched in 2005. Our group has made a great contribution to the development of gastrointestinal and minimally invasive surgery in Korea. It was possible because of the hard work and dedication of all the members of the KLASS group, including former presidents and board members, for the growth of the KLASS group for the past 15 years.

To develop diverse minimally invasive surgeries and find grounds to apply them clinically, the KLASS group planned and proceeded with various prospective multicenter 3-phase studies. The results were published in a prestigious journal and changing the shape of surgical practice worldwide. Additionally, we have improved the level of research continuously through in-depth academic exchanges with the other countries including Japan and China to establish a “global standard” of laparoendoscopic gastrointestinal surgery.

The core value of the KLASS group is creative dynamics, diversity, and excellence. We will appreciate your continued support and active participation to make each word that seems impossible to coexist in harmony within the frame of the KLASS group and to achieve one goal of “improvement of the quality of life of patients”.

Woo Jin Hyung, MD. PhD.
President, The Korean Laparoendoscopic Gastrointestinal Surgery Study group